Trigger Point Services is an independent company providing tools to manage operational activities in industrial, commercial, and retail facilities. How? By using a combination of low and high tech, combined with processes we uncover the data that let’s you take action.

Easy reporting, simple alerting, and low risk. Trigger Point promotes new thinking, creativity, and innovation to help companies take control of their operations.

We manage the headache that is racking and storage systems.  We help you gain and maintain compliance, while at the same time reducing your costs and risk.

Our Mission

We work everyday to help companies better understand what really costs them money in the long term when dealing with racking and storage systems.  Our mission is to increase the level of safety in retail stores and warehouses and help companies implement a better, well understood strategy that can endure and react to an ever changing facilities management landscape.

What We Do

  • We manage all of the information related to racking and storage systems so you don’t have to.
  • We perform onsite inspections to capture data on compliance gaps, damaged components, and other property characteristics.
  • We use simple custom applications to manage the information and deliver it back to our clients in meaningful ways.
  • We help you create a long term strategy to reduce costs, increase safety, and create efficiencies in the maintenance process.

The tools we use

We use a custom application to capture all data points and deliver them back to you in two ways.  For the “aggressive” user we provide access to record data points and modify them, so each issue can be updated to track its status.  For example, those who use the information to create work orders for subsequent repairs or replacements, can create reports to suit their needs.  For the “passive” user we allow access to standardized reports and information on a download basis.  This is ideal for sharing with management, Health and Safety teams, and outside contractors.