We help ensure that your storage system will be cost-effective, efficient, and safe by helping you with everything from system selection, compliance, design, construction, and decommissioning to ongoing maintenance and safety. With an eye to both your current and potential storage requirements, we’ll create a complete layout design that optimizes your space and budget, while supporting efficient, safe operations. We’ll create a project schedule complete with mutually-agreed-upon dates and milestones, as well as an onsite representative to coordinate day-to-day installation activities. We will also give your regular status updates, including photos, as our highly experienced team installs your system with exceptional attention to detail and communication.


RackingDIRECT’s premier racking and storage solutions have helped distribution, retail, and production facilities throughout North America optimize space, improve efficiency, and reduce cost and waste in the supply chain since 2004.

Our comprehensive services for design, construction and decommissioning, maintenance, and safety and compliance help you maximize your investment, while ensuring the safety of your employees.

We are committed to safety, sustainability, and environmental responsibility. All our products are manufactured in North America, without hazardous chemicals or other materials that adversely affect health.

Economical used racking products for storage needs in stock. Order pickup, fast delivery, and unmatched quality.

Trigger Point Services is an independent company providing tools to manage operational activities in industrial, commercial, and retail facilities. How? By using a combination of low and high tech, combined with processes we uncover the data that let’s you take action.

Easy reporting, simple alerting, and low risk. Trigger Point promotes new thinking, creativity, and innovation to help companies take control of their operations.

Racking Inspections, Compliance, Maintenance services.

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